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Jan 8, 2012

Network Based Automatic Call Distribution Explained

So you have heard about Network-based Automatic Call Distribution and are still wondering if it is the way to go. For some, what this form of ACD is all about is clear, while others are still learning what it has to offer. Both, those educated and those becoming educated, will ultimately come to the point where they are investigating the benefits available in order to confirm that it is for them, and or their customers.

In order to figure it out lets start with the basics. Automatic Call Distribution is defined as a system or device that allocates incoming calls to a defined collection of terminals that agents use. Ok, got that loud and clear, but what is special about a Network-based ACD? Well, it allows customers to configure call distribution themselves through a PC browser. This means that the customer is able to act, or react on the spot. So, there need not be any reason why the shortest caller waiting time is not guaranteed, and calls can be directed to agents with the most knowledge, or skill bases on a certain subject.

Beyond what a customer can do, this type of ACD gives more control to callers too. They are able to decide whether or not they want to wait on hold, or would prefer to have a virtual placeholder save their place. Once they become first in the queue, they take over, or they may be called back when it is more convenient.

And finally, one thing we can all agree is a plus, the service provided is not only effectual and flexible, but comes at a better price. This is due in part to the fact that there is no customer investment or maintenance of local equipment.

I do hope this was helpful, and that Network- based Automatic Call Distribution has been made less mysterious for those of you seeking clarification.

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